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Nslookup (name server lookup) is a command line tool for querying the domain name system (DNS) servers.It basically query a server on the internet to get a mapping between a given host name and its related IP address.Get a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions & access rights for a specific file folder (NTFS) or share drive!or learn more Virtual Machine Console Bounce that troublemaking VM – without logging into VMware® v Center ™ or v Sphere ™!With our free VM Console, you can do this & more – like tracking up/down status & taking snapshots of all your VMs – even if you’re not a VMware administrator!or learn more Real-Time Netflow Analyzer Our free Real-Time Net Flow Analyzer determines the types of traffic on your network, where it's coming from, and where it's going., the DNS client requires that the DNS server respond to the client with either the requested resource record or an error message stating that the record or domain name does not exist.

Our popular free tool, IP Address Tracker, provides a unified view of your IP address space and allows you to track an unlimited number of IP addresses for free!

Capture flow data from network devices, including Cisco Net Flow v5 or v9, Juniper J-Flow, and s Flow.

or learn more Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor Watch your network interfaces like a hawk!

You can start adding tools by clicking on your favorite tool's option button in the blue tool titlebar. App Insight provides deep visibility into SQL Server® performance for sysadmins, DBAs, and SQL developers.

SAM Go where no database admin has gone before with App Insight for SQL, a feature of the new Server & Application Monitor!

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