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Later she recovers and after a struggle brings the Baroness to justice.Notes: This episode is based on a plot from a 1942 comic book, in which the warden's son was fascinated with cowboys, the golden lasso, and vice detective stories.Wonder Girl tries to rescue the General but Captain Radl chloroforms her.Note: this was one of Debra Winger's first acting roles.Fausta Grables (Lynda Day George) lures Wonder Woman into a trap.Wonder Woman falls through a false floor where one of Fausta's gang overpowers her with chloroform causing Wonder Woman to faint.Meanwhile, Diana's younger sister Drusilla (Debra Winger) arrives from Paradise Island for a visit and gets caught up in the Nazis' plot.Kriegsmarine Captain Radl (John Saxon) also wants to find out the source of feminum, the metal used to make Wonder Woman's bracelets.

The map of Africa used at the beginning of the episode showed the "Republic of the Congo", which wasn't established until 1960, 18 years after the events are to have taken place; in 1942, the area shown was called the Belgian Congo, later renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The unconscious Wonder Woman is then kidnapped and taken to Germany for study.

Steve launches a mission to rescue her but is captured himself shortly after Wonder Woman orchestrates her own escape.

The Falcon is also carrying the bubonic plague and must be quarantined.

Also guest stars Hayden Rorke as the top scientist.

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