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Also Rocky Roads or rocky road cupcakes are brilliant.Rice crispy buns don't freeze very well so make them close to the time if you want to do them.I am honoured - I would love any feedback you might have!! You need a chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream (normal buttercream and just add cocoa and mix very well).pipe a big swirl and cram on as many marshmallows, whole cherries and chunks of biscuits you can.

I can’t even read my blog post timeline about everything I have been through and all the fighting with doctors for immune testing etc. It makes me sick how women are treated in the infertility world, and I see no change happening soon. For starters, I have felt from the very first time I stepped into a fertility clinic that I had a mask covering my identity. We were to be either celebrating a new life or celebrating our new childless life.

I will make egg mayo and have some chicken for sandwiches my 4 yr old gs will only eat jam sandwiches so will make them If i make cookies will these keep fresh? Any buns, cakes, flapjack, pastries you choose to Bake will be absolutely fine until Monday providing you let them cool properly and then seal in an airtight tin.

I often bake things on a weekend that are absolutely fine until the following weekend. I find cakes are better once frozen, and often bake a week or so in advance and get them out the night before.

I have a really busy day on monday so need to have food ready to put on table, i will make the sandwiches fresh when i get in.what else... Sainsburys, tesco, asda, most supermarkets do them, they will be in the freezer section.

Jus roll do these ones there what i normallu get if i'm not making them from scratch, there the better ones i have tried Jus Rol 36 Vol-Au-Vent 625G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries Di , i will bake fairy cakes tonight and will ice them on monday.

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